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I wrote a PhD on the poet William Wordsworth many years ago. More recently I returned to the subject to write a play about him. It opens at The Theatre by the Lake, in Keswick and stars John Sackville.

William Wordsworth had a very lucky year in 1795. He received a legacy that was grand enough to keep him afloat as a poet to have time to develop it into his full- time career. He also met another.

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The literary works of poet William Wordsworth presented by Irish writer James Plunkett. William Wordsworth was born in 1770 in the town of Cockermouth in Cumbria, England. As a child he was stiff and.

Amid the vales and hills and golden daffodils that inspired some of Britain’s most romantic poetry, a £6m campaign to “rebrand” William Wordsworth for a new generation of poetry lovers is getting.

William Wordsworth began writing poetry during his years at Hawkshead Grammar School. His first published poem was titled "Sonnet, on Seeing Miss. See full answer below.

The verse is powerful, supple, subtle, freely flowing. Wordsworth revered both Shakespeare and Milton. His is the third great iambic voice in the English language. His first volume of poems, Lyrical.

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In his gloriously gossipy Recollections of the Lake Poets Thomas De Quincey, himself no slouch, asserted that William Wordsworth’s legs, though “pointedly condemned by all female connoisseurs”, had.

The great-great-grandson of the poet’s brother Christopher, William Wordsworth (1908-88) belonged to that mid-20th-century generation of British composers whose works are almost entirely forgotten.

William Wordsworth was a key figure in the Romantic Movement. The Romantic Movement prized emotion, nature, and individual genius above all else. It is often considered a reaction against the.

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Why is William Wordsworth called a nature poet? Nature in Wordsworth’s Poetry: William Wordsworth, along with fellow writer Samuel Taylor Coleridge, can be cited as the founders of the Romantic.

To wander ‘lonely as a cloud’ like William Wordsworth you must visit Ullswater in the Lake District, where the poem is set. Visit almost anywhere in the Lake District, in fact, and you will soon find.

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1. "Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility." — William Wordsworth 2. "Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of.

Wordsworth had an unconventional life for the time and associated with radicals such as William Godwin. The first known poem of William Wordsworth is ‘Sonnet, on seeing Miss Helen Maria Williams weep.

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William Wordsworth was the British Poet Laureate for roughly seven years from 1837 to his death in the spring of 1850. He was depressed after the. See full answer below.

Wordsworth’s poem has no such hesitation. On the occasion recollected in this sonnet, William and Dorothy were headed for Calais. Might not memories of his earlier trips to France have heightened.

Wordsworth was, in many ways, the father of the Romantic poetry movement. In his poetry, he consistently describes the power and beauty of nature. The. See full answer below.

Unlike William Wordsworth, Coleridge was said to prefer composing his. uninterrupted surface to foster the making of poetry. Such descriptions might prompt scepticism, and not only because Hazlitt.